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 Malang, 4 – 6 Mei 2018

Fee : Rp. 5.500.000,- (Include Akomodasi : Resenditial Twin Share selama 3 hari 2 malam)


Training is everybody’s job. If you a manager or a supervisor you have the responsibility to develop your own people. This especially true when talk from technical point of view. You are expected to let your people understand how to do their job technically. Nobody else does that better than you do.

It is in this view that we design that workshop with the objective to equip manager or supervisor with the ability to systematically design, prepare and deliver training sessions.

How You Will Benefit

  • Polish your platform delivery skills and come across as a confident pro who knows how to capture – and hold – an audience’s retention
  • Use training aids to build student enthusiasm and increase retention
  • Link your training to bottom line business goals
  • Build your credibility with participants and management
  • Lead question – and – answer sessions without feeling like you have been put on the spot
  • Facilitate discussions that everyone in the class can learn from
  • Develop feedback skills that measure and reinforce learning
  • Learn quick, effective ways to deal with difficult people
  • Open a workshop with confidence. Closes it dynamically

Who Should Attend

  • Trainers, human resources representatives, course developers, and those who have training responsibility
  • Anybody who has the responsibility to develop his/her people

Duration / Schedule

  • Next : 16 April, 13 Agustus, 15 Oktober 2018

  • 3 Days


1.     Introduction / Background

  • Workshop objective
  • Expectation of participants

2.     Why and When Training is Needed

  • Training : the what, why, who, when, where and the how of training

3.     Training Needs Analysis

  • Training needs analysis : what, why it is needed
  • Three level of training needs
  • Steps in conducting training needs

4.     Preparing Training Plan

  • Writing training objective
  • Training action plan

5.     Developing Training Modules

  • Job – task the difference
  • Task analysis
  • Developing the training modules

6.     Preparing Lesson Plan/Facilitator’s Guide

  • Lesson plan : definition an its functions
  • Steps in developing lesson plan

7.     The Training

  • Learning system and training tools
  • Preparing training implementation
  • Techniques and training methods

8.     Training Evaluation and Follow – up

  • Training evaluation : SLV approach
  • Steps in conducting training evaluation

9.     Closing (Summary and Conclusion)


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